StablePay Beta is live on mainnet

Here’s how you can get started.

tl;dr: Our Beta is ready! 🚀

StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform that enables you to receive DAI or cDAI (Compound DAI) regardless of the source token transferred. Alice sends ETH or XYZ ERC20 and Bob gets DAI or cDAI.

Out of the gate, we support configuring and sharing links (Smart URLs) and also configuring a widget to request payments from ETH or any token to be converted to DAI or cDAI instantly. Configure your payment widget or link for free, no sign up required.

You can also track your received and sent transfer in your personal dashboard. Needs registration. (Optional)

You can get started by following the Start Guide in our docs. Or head to the StablePay website and click Get Started.

After finishing our initial testing on the ropsten network, and now close to finishing our Smart Contracts audit process, we are able to launch our platform BETA so you can start sending and receiving transfers regardless of any token.

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to start receiving DAI or DAIs supplied directly to Compound regardless of the sender’s token, you can start here and click on the Get Started button.

How Does It Work?

Check out our previous post “Designing Smart Contracts for Multi-Protocol Integration” for the details on the architecture, some changes have been added since then, and we will be releasing more details soon.

Technical Details

The audit process for the Smart Contracts is almost finalized, and we will be publishing the final version of the report and code in another blog post and also our website.

Our current BETA is running with a 10 DAI cap to minimize risk during the public BETA and we will be increasing this amount gradually as we get increased usage and confirmation that is safe.

Special Thanks 🎉

This is the culmination of several months of work from the team, we honestly could not be here if it wasn’t for their awesome effort as well as the help of MakerDao and specially @richatmakerdao for his support and believing in the project from the start. Thank you all 🙏

Get in touch with us by:

Finally, please share this with anybody in the ecosystem if you find it useful. We want to help adoption and add more use cases for ethereum and DeFi.

Thanks for your support,

StablePay Team

StablePay decentralized payment platform

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